Application and technology architectures

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Applications architecture

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Enterprise architecture framework

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Enterprise architecture

An enterprise architecture framework (EA framework) defines how to create and use an enterprise architecture. An architecture framework provides principles and practices for creating and using the architecture description of a system.

It structures architects' thinking by dividing the architecture description into domains, layers, or views, and. The flexibility of AWS allows you to design your application architectures the way you like.

AWS Reference Architecture Datasheets provide you with the architectural guidance you need in order to build an application that takes full advantage of the AWS cloud infrastructure. In information systems, applications architecture or application architecture is one of several architecture domains that form the pillars of an enterprise architecture (EA).

[1] [2] An applications architecture describes the behavior of applications used in a business, focused on how they interact with each other and with users. Any such conflicts must be addressed in the architecture, and conflicts must be considered across all architecture domains (Business, Applications, Data, and Technology).

There are two basic approaches to interoperability conflicts; either create a building block that transforms or translates between conflicting building blocks, or make a.

Microsoft Architecture Overview

Review Baseline Business Architecture, Baseline Data Architecture, and Baseline Applications Architecture, to the degree necessary to inform decisions and subsequent work.

Develop a Baseline Description of the existing Technology Architecture, to the extent necessary to support the Target Technology Architecture.

Application architecture is the discipline that guides application design. Application architecture paradigms, such as service-oriented architecture (), provide principles that influence design decisions and patterns that provide proven design solutions.

Application and technology architectures
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