Applications of the camel model

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CAMELS Rating System

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Application User Model IDs (AppUserModelIDs)

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Apache Camel ™ is a versatile open-source integration framework based on known Enterprise Integration Patterns. Camel empowers you to define routing and mediation rules in a variety of domain-specific languages, including a Java-based Fluent API, Spring or Blueprint XML Configuration files, and a Scala means you get smart completion of routing rules in your IDE, whether in a Java.

Literature Review of Applications of the CAMEL model Several studies provide explanations for choice of CAMEL measures: Lane et al. (), Looney et al.

Upgrade to the Enterprise class platform

(), Elliot et al. (), Eccher et al. (), Gilbert et al. (), Lacewell (), Barr et al. (), Godlewski () and Derviz et al. (). Download Citation on ResearchGate | Evaluating Performance of Commercial Banks in Pakistan: An Application of Camel Model | Banking sector plays a vital role in the economic growth.

In this paper. Data-driven applications in the cloud often consist of several components that must ingest, process, and publish their data to users.

Deploying and integrating it all on a bare-metal or virtual platform can prove difficult for any organization. Orchestrat. Apache Camel is one of my favorite open source frameworks in the JVM / Java environment. It enables easy integration of different applications which use several protocols and technologies.

This article shows when to use Apache Camel and when to use other alternatives. By exploiting models at both design- and run-time, and by allowing both direct and programmatic manipulation of models, CAMEL enable self-adaptive cross-cloud applications, i.e., cross-cloud applications that automatically adapt to changes in the environment, requirements, and usage.

Applications of the camel model
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