Glenn gould want to write a fugue

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Glenn Gould Discusses His Recording Of The Music Of Arnold Schoenberg Vol 4

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So You Want To Write A Fugue?

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So You Want To Write a Fugue

That being said, it can be done, and done brilliantly. Feb 25,  · A young man who elects Glenn Gould as his idol -- to the extent of making Bach's ''Goldberg Variations'' the main work in his Naumburg Award recital, and even of composing a reply to Gould.

"So You Want to Write a Fugue?" Glenn Gould: "So You Want to Write a Fugue?" for Four Voices and String Quartet: Glenn Gould: 2 morceaux, op. Caresse dansée: Glenn Gould: USSM Showing all recordings.

Show only standalone recordings instead, or show only videos. Artist information Sort name: Gould, Glenn Type: Person. "So You Want to Write a Fugue?" is a satirical vocal piece for four voices and string quartet or piano accompaniment by Canadian pianist Glenn Gould and was a final piece for the TV show "The Anatomy of Fugue", which was aired by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation on March 4, Click to read more about The Glenn Gould collection [videorecording] So you want to write a fugue?

by Glenn Gould. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers All about The Glenn Gould collection [videorecording] So you want to write a fugue? by Glenn Glenn Gould.

Gould produced his final recordings himself, beginning with this Bach album in January and February The cover shows Gould in the corner of a bare dilapidated room – more like the snapshot of a vagrant than the portrait of a pianistic genius.

Glenn Gould discography. 3 likes. The following is a chronological list of the original studio recordings made by the Canadian pianist Glenn Gould in the.

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