Mitosis project

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Virtual Mitosis Lab: Part I - Onion Root Tip

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Cell division: mitosis and meiosis

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Game: The Cell Cycle

Tip of the Day Q: Karyotyping Hassle Introduction This surround is a simulation of crushed karyotyping using digital images of students from actual human genetic studies.

Mitosis is a method of cell division in which a cell divides and produces identical copies of itself. Virtual Mitosis Lab: Part I - Onion Root Tip Introduction: Mitosis is considered nuclear division, since its main stages deal strictly with the nucleus and its contents (DNA). Mitosis and meiosis both involve duplication of a cell’s DNA content.

Each strand of DNA, or chromosome, is replicated and remains joined, resulting in two sister chromatids for each chromosome. Can you identify the stages of the cell cycle?

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Mitosis project
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Cell cycle regulation