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Nationalism - Constructing an american identity

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What Accounts for the Rise of European Nationalism During the 1800s?

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The Netherlands

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No square distinction was made between wage and adult. In fact, they would burst forth in the middle of the nineteenth century in a wave of nationalism that would forever change the face of Europe. Lesson Summary Nationalism is an ideology that asserts that a nation is formed by a group of people with a common identity, language, history, and set of customs.

Demography. The Netherlands had a population of 15, in It is the most densely populated country in Europe (1, inhabitants per square mile [ per square kilometer] in ).

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Choose from different sets of nationalism european flashcards on Quizlet. Nationalism vs Patriotism Nationalism and patriotism both show the relationship of an individual towards his or her nation. The two are often confused and frequently believed to mean the same thing. However, there is a vast difference between nationalism and patriotism.

Nationalism means to give more importance to. Nationalism affected Europe during the 19th century by making Europeans feel superior to other countries and governments, which led to the unification of both Germany and Italy, with Russia moving towards modernization and with France moving towards liberalism.

Nationalism is the ideological basis for the development of the modern nation-state. According to Leon Baradat, nationalism "calls on people to identify with the interests of their national group and to support the creation of a state - a nation-state - to support those interests." It was an important factor in the development of Europe.

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