Redis aof re write a sentence

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[Redis] [redis-db] AOF rewrite options

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Fiasco the following two thirds:. we have two redis nodes as master-slave the memory usage is about 15g aof rewrite will emit about everyday and it will last about 4 or 5 minutes when in the master is unavailble for about 25 seconds, all connections lost and ping.

When Redis forks to checkpoint, the Linux kernel needs to duplicate the mapping tables for copy on write. If you have a lot of RAM, this can take a lot of time. We have a GB Redis instance that takes 8 seconds to fork, and the machine is deaf to the world while this happens.

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# Redis is able to automatically rewrite the log file implicitly calling # BGREWRITEAOF when the AOF log size grows by the specified percentage. # This is how it works: Redis remembers the size of the AOF file after the. Reconfiguring myself as a replica of afb6edb58bd26a7cb04f0a2ba6a S 08 Mar * AOF rewrite child asks to stop sending diffs.

C 08 Mar * Parent agreed to stop sending diffs. Assume that you already set Redis to use RDB saving, and write lots of data to Redis. After a while, you want to turn on AOF saving. NEVER MODIFY THE CONFIG FILE TO TURN ON AOF AND RESTART REDIS, OTHERWISE YOU'LL LOSE EVERYTHING.

Fix the original file using the redis-check-aof tool that ships with Redis: $ redis-check-aof --fix. Optionally use diff -u to check what is the difference between two files. Restart the server with the fixed file.

*How it works. Log rewriting uses the same copy-on-write trick already in use for snapshotting.

Redis aof re write a sentence
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