The applications of cryogenic freezing in everyday life

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Key Things You Need to Know About the Idea of Cryogenic Freezing

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Our cryogenic services

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The use of cryogenic preservation in this area has given new horizon to this field of applications. This paper also discusses the current status and future perspectives of preservation by means of cryogenic technology in different areas namely agriculture, marine, medicine and biotechnology in the country.

What is cryogenics and how does freezing bodies work?

Nitrogen is a diatomic gas which comprises 78 percent of the earth's atmosphere. In addition to air, nitrogen is found in the protein matter of all life forms, in some natural gas-hydrocarbon deposits, and in many organic and inorganic compounds.

Cryogenic freezing of food with liquid nitrogen (LIN) and carbon dioxide (LIC) is a well-established practice that relies on the gases physical properties of powerful cold temperatures (–°C or –°F, in the case of liquid nitrogen).

Nov 18,  · Watch video · Cryogenic freezing is the process of preserving a dead body with liquid nitrogen. Advocates believe that scientists will one day work out how to warm the bodies up and bring them back to life, by which time doctors might be able to cure cancer and other diseases which are untreatable Reiss Smith.

Cryogenic freezing of food with liquid nitrogen (LIN) and carbon dioxide (LIC) is a well-established practice that relies on the gases physical properties of powerful cold temperatures (–°C or –°F, in the case of liquid nitrogen).

The practice of freezing an entire human body after death in the hope of later restoring life is known as cryonics, but it is not an accepted scientific application of cryogenics.

The freezing of portions of the body to destroy unwanted or malfunctioning tissue is known as cryosurgery.

The applications of cryogenic freezing in everyday life
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