Write windows service application

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Simple Windows Service Sample

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Walkthrough: Create a Windows service app

What a Windows Service is. Enables you to create long-running executable applications that run in their own windows session. Can be automatically started when the computer boots, can be paused and restarted without any user interaction.

Here Mudassar Ahmed Khan has explained a tutorial to create a simple Windows Service with sample example in C# and jkaireland.com TAGs: Windows Service. Next you need to add an Application Configuration File (jkaireland.com file). Download sourcecode - Kb; Download setup - Kb; Introduction.

As a matter of fact Microsoft Windows services, formerly known as NT services enable you to create long-running executable applications that run in its own Windows session, which then has the ability to start automatically when the computer boots and also can be manually paused, stopped or even restarted.

Go to Visual C# and select Classic Desktop and from the next window, choose Windows Service. Name the service “ MyFirstWindowsService ” and click to OK. It will add a Windows Service for you. I am currently using TopShelf with a Console Application to create a Windows Service.

Walkthrough: Create a Windows service app

When I run the code as a console application I use a few jkaireland.comine() to output results. Once the code does what it is supposed to do I install the console application as a Windows Service.

Expand Installed > [Visual C# or Visual Basic] > Windows Desktop, or type Windows Service in the search box on the upper right. Note If you don't see the Windows Service template, you may need to install jkaireland.com desktop development workload.

Write windows service application
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Create a Windows service application in Visual Studio | Microsoft Docs